Token Audit

βœ… KBT Token (KBT) received a smart contract audit rating by the Zokyo blockchain team, with a 97% rating performed on April 26, 2024

Zokyo is an end-to-end encrypted security company notable for its devoted cybersecurity team. It provides distinguishable security auditing and penetrating testing services to blockchain-based projects, effectively protecting them from hackers. Zokyo secures and funds crypto, DeFi, and NFT companies.

Throughout the audit, the firm ensured that the KBT smart contract appropriately and effectively implements and adheres to existing standards, and that documentation and code comments align with logic and behavior.

We’re pleased and proud that Zokyo’s blockchain security team positively assessed KBT’s smart contract and that it meets their security requirements for listing on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Zokyo, a leading smart contract auditor, gave KoinBay Token's smart contract security qualifications a score of 97%. This strong evaluation reflects KoinBay's emphasis on quality, security, and correctness.

View Zokyo's full audit report of KBT here:

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