Steps to deposit and withdraw

Steps to deposit cryptocurrency

After logging in, you need to:

  1. Visit the page 'Digital Account'.

  2. Select the cryptocurrency and click the button 'Deposit'.

  3. Once a wallet address appears, send the transaction to that wallet address by scanning the QR code or copying the wallet address, and pasting that wallet address on the app/platform you are withdrawing from.

  4. Before depositing, make sure that the cryptocurrency and blockchain for that cryptocurrency selected, are same on both Koinbay and the app/platform from which the withdrawal will happen.

Steps to withdraw cryptocurrency

  • After logging in, click on 'Wallet', and then click 'Balances'.

  • Click on 'Withdraw' of the cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw from the Fund list.

  • Choose the appropriate chain name if available.

  • Choose the Withdrawal Address from the Address Book. You can also add different wallet addresses to your address list 'Balances - Address List'.

  • Enter the amount of withdrawal. (Fees will get captured automatically) and make sure you have enough balance amount available in your wallet.

  • Click 'Withdraw' and your transaction will be processed.

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